Marienburgers, and a goblin…

Mordheim is a spin-off of the Warhammer universe, a skirmish ruleset where warbands battle in the wrecked city of Mordheim. While the game is not anymore visibly suported by Games Workshop, its various versions have a dedicated fanbase.

Marienburgers in Mordheim, as in Warhammer, are always colorful to paint, and I decided to push it with this little warband. These are the first members of the warband, but there will be more.

The head of the warband, a lost noble from Marienburg – his past surely dark, shameful and unknown to his companions. One of the miniatures of the Heroic Fighters of the Known World, Sir Brut. I have a few more of the same set, waiting in the lead pile… Superb Jes Goodwin work.

Pics 073     Pics 072     Pics 074

One of the heavy hitters of the warband, grizzled veteran and expert with the double-handed sword. This is a superb miniature, full of personnality (the night bonnet!) and very well sculpted. It is a Marauder “Fighter Command”. The sculptor is Ally Morisson, who has done more than big monsters. This fighter command is especially splendid.

Pics 082   Pics 084   Pics 083

The third figure is a Marauder dwarf handgunner. Here again, loads of character. The sculptor would be either one of the Morrisons, or more probably Colin Dixon.

Pics 077    Pics 078

And finally, the warband’s “brain”: an old Grenadier wizard. No reference here unfortunately…

Pics 081   Pics 080

That’s it for now. There is more on my desk, Marauder and Citadel mostly…

AND to end up this series: a nice Kevin Adams Night Gobin. One of the smallest miniature I ever painted… Tiny little bugger, with a mean smile.

Pics 075   Pics 076


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