Dwarf Wizard

Once upon a time, before they “forgot” how to use magic, Warhammer dwarfs had wizards… Games Workshop did a few dwarf wizards back in those days, this one being by far my favorite:

wpid-20140225_233115-1.jpg wpid-20140225_233147-1.jpg wpid-20140225_233130-1.jpg  wpid-20140225_233228-1.jpg

I don’t know how am I supposed to use him in an army with a Norsca theme, but he was to good to miss. The Walt Disney wizard clothes, the frog, the teeth showing, the bushy beard, the slightly odd air…Once again, exactly what I love in models of this generation: character, and a bit of humor. No more lunatics talking to frogs in the Warhammer world today – it’s all grim and gore. Pity.

Here he is on Stuff of Legends, in all his 1980s glory. We also find out the names of his sculptor(s): the always talented Alan & Michael Perry.

Following soon: more 2-handed axemen:


…and this, rather extensive conversion work:

wpid-20140225_233406.jpg wpid-20140225_233352.jpg

To be continued…


Old lead on the interweb…

Hello world!

The goal of this blog is very simple: I will use it as a shoebox to store pictures of my painted miniatures. Along the way, I will also try to find and display information on these models. Most of them are from one of the manufacturers that gravited around Games Workshop in the 1980s-1990s: Citadel, Marauder, Chronicle…

I might also add a  few battle reports and other stuff to this space.

But first, let’s put up some members of the Old Lead community:

. The Old Hammer blog and forum

. The Stuff of Legends website

. The Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki

. Of course, the Squats.

And more!